Wonder Hair: Protect Hair from the Heat of Styling Tools

I recently used the Got2b Guardian Angel Gloss Finish Flat Iron Balm by Schwarzkopf Hair-care-Protect-your-hair-from-damagewhich is basically a heat protection spray and found out that it has pretty amazing results so I thought I should share my review on it with you guys. If you’re like me and you like to put your hair styling tools on the hottest settings for quick styling, then this one’s for you.

Using hair styling tools with high heat burns your hair and causes damage, making them dry and brittle. Hence, it is very important to use products that protect your hair from the damage caused by the heat. The Got2b Guardian Angel heat protection spray is specifically designed as a gloss finish flat iron balm. As mentioned on the packaging, it protects your hair up to a range of 425 degree which is quite good as the hair styling tools we use most often go up to 300 degrees approximately so here you have a wider range of coverage and protection.

What actually attracted me about this product at the store was its amazing smell; I just had to buy it regardless of how it would help in keeping my hair protected from the hair styling heat. It was after using it for some time that I found out it actually works as well.

P.S: Yes, I judge products on how they smell and the same goes for people as well. 😉

I don’t have to worry much about hair damage when I apply it as it does not only protect my hair from the heat of styling products but also detangles them and leaves them illuminous and manageable. What else do you want? Not to forget how amazing your hair will smell after putting this on. Don’t you just love spraying something that smells wonderful over your hair after coming out of the shower? Well, I do. 😀

Also, the spray is light in weight with a fine layer that keeps your hair protected. It doesn’t make my hair feel heavy and lets my hair straightener run smoothly through my hair without sticking over the ceramic of it. That’s something I really like about this product as usually most of the drugstore products tend to give your hair that ugly crunchy feel and bits of it tend to stick to the ceramic of the hair straightener which is super annoying.

Being someone who uses styling tools a little too much, I try to keep my hair properly conditioned with a good conditioner or a hair mask along with heat protection sprays especially at the ends of my hair to keep them hydrated and nourished. Here’s a link to my favorite hair mask that I have been using lately. This way I save my hair from major damages and indirectly save myself from falling apart.

This spray comes in a 200 ml bottle that you can purchase for PKR 250 to 300 (sorry, I don’t remember the exact amount) which I think I quite reasonable as a drugstore product. For me, I believe it can last around 9 to 10 weeks as I have long hair. However, it can last longer depending upon the length of your hair and usage.Products-for-hair-styles

I won’t say it’s my go to heat protection product, however, I would say it’s good value for money if you want to opt for a drug store product instead of an expensive one.

What are your favorite heat protection products? Share your reviews, I would love to read them. ❤

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Much love! ❤


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