Wonder Hair -Nouvelle’s Double Effect Nutritive Mask

Being a lazy person with a full-time job and a very busy schedule, hair care is almost an alien concept to me (not so proud of it though) but yes, considering the fact that I use styling products daily for work, I should be treating my hair extra carefully, but, that’s just me, super lazy and always tired. After trying out numerous products, I came across ‘Nouvelle’s Double Effect Nutritive Mask’ recently and trust me guys its literally a magic product, particularly for us girls who style their hair daily with chemicals, straightener, curlers or blow dryers and end up with super dry and brittle hair.


After the first use I found my hair feeling super soft and light. It works wonders in nourishing your hair and rehydrating them without making them feel heavy. Since then I have been using it regularly and noticed so much of improvement in my hair.

This magic nutritive mask is by far the best hair care product I have come across so far and trust me I’ve tried many in the search of perfect product. It strengthens your hair, removing dryness and preventing them from brittleness hence acting as a protective agent to all the harsh stuff that we do to our hair in the name of ‘styling’.

What I liked best about this hair mask is that you don’t have to wait for a very long time after applying it, it can be used in place of your regular conditioner and has real quick results.

How to use it:

Using this nutritive hair mask is quite simple; you can use it just like you use your conditioner. Apply a bit of it after shampooing your hair (massage gently) and leave it for 2 to 3 minutes then wash it off.

Highly recommended girls! Check it out and let me know how it worked with you. ♥


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