Handcrafted Khussas by SOMA

Have you checked out Soma international’s oh-so-amazing footwear line yet? If not, you’re definitely missing out on a bunch of super pretty stuff the brand has to offer that could have been a part of your shoe collection. SOMA is shoe brand based in Karachi, Pakistan that offers a wide range of beautifully crafted shoes for women. I personally adore their collection of leather khussas, each of the pieces are intricately designed with a gorgeous choice of colors and embellished with exquisite details with pearls and stones. The line is perfectly handcrafted with genuine leather in Pakistan keeping comfort as the top priority.

These bright sunflower khussas by soma are a perfect match for your summer outfits, pair it with jeans or your lawn dress and you’re good to go!

Sunflower leather khussas by Soma

They are even offering custom made khussas for kids with designs to make you little doll’s feet look incredibly pretty. Also, they have lined them with velvet so as to keep your kid’s little feet comfy and at ease.

Custom made baby khussas by Soma

The brand doesn’t have any physical outlet yet and operates online only offering delivery all around the world. So wherever you are located you can check out their collection online, place your order and wait for these beauties to arrive at your doorstep to flaunt them away! Here’s a link to their facebook page!

Rubempe Khussas by Soma

Happy shopping!


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