Favourite Buy from Khaadi Accessories

So I randomly paid a visit to Khaadi recently with one of my aunts who wanted to get her hands on some of the dresses she was drooling over from the latest summer collection that had been launched a while ago. While she searched for her dresses, I made my way to the accessories section. Here I would like to make a confession, ‘ACCESSORIES ARE MY SOULMATES’ ♥ yess! As soon as I spotted the rack, my soul mates started calling out for me (I had to go, couldn’t say no to them, you see I’m nice to everyone :’) )

I tell you, Khaadi had some of the most amazing pieces when it comes to accessories; you definitely need to check them out at your nearest stores. Whether you are a fan of traditional jewellery or western designs, you will surely fall in love with their collection as each of the pieces in the collection are a gorgeous blend of both in their designs. I fell in love with these earrings and bought them immediately (trust me, it was love at first sight).


I love how traditionally they are designed, you don’t really get such designs everywhere anymore, also, the turquoise stones in are my absolute favorite. I have also been eyeing this necklace lately, do check it out! 😀



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