Hey girlies! Welcome to The Wonder Diaries, where everything is won-der-ful! (No? Okay let’s just assume it is and make me happy :D) Anyways, I am a 24 year old crazy woman who runs on an overdose of caffeine and would do anything for you if you bribe me with lots of French fries (Yay!). I’m glad that you took out some of your precious time to read this blog, lots of love to you *hearts* ♥. This blog is all about anything and everything that’s going around related to fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle, events and much more. I’m pretty sure you’ll find SOMETHING that matches your interests here :D. If not, drop me an email with your ideas and I’ll try put it up on the blog (only if I find it interesting too :D).

P.S: Being an only child I know nothing about sharing (because I’ve never had to share stuff with siblings) However, having been raised up by decent parents I’m not that mean to say no to you so be kind enough and stay away from my french fries. Thanks 🙂

Happy Reading! ♥


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